Jaeyeon Park, <Abyss>, Epoxy clay on wood, hand-tufted wool, 2019

Murakami Haruki typically lives a quiet and regular life. He wakes up and sleeps very early. Running and exercising every day. It seems organized, calm, and peaceful.

But when we read Haruki's novel. Calm beauty and deep sadness come together. He goes into a human's deep mind, usually very dark side. And at the same time, it touches us because everybody has one's sadness and darkness in their mind too. In his novels, the main character is just an average young person But accidentally confronts big events. At the first time, one is suffering from it but struggles to confront it gradually. We usually don't know about the ending of one's life. But mainly, his novels are about how to face that something that we want to avoid.

Our life seems to be the same. We usually want to live life to see a bright side. But darkness is also clearly part of it. When we admit it and confront it, we can see the natural face of life as a whole. Those works are about the abyss—our deep darkness inside us. But be careful. When you fall into it too deeply, it would be hard to rid yourself of it.

Jaeyeon Park, <Cliff>, Epoxy clay on styrofoam, 2019

I sometimes feel like standing on a very wide and wild cliff. This works is about that. Just having that vague image about the cliff, Almost every part and texture are decided by coincidence. I followed my mind and hand without a precise plan, stopped just when it seems like be finished.

Then, this ambiguous thing has appeared. I would say it’s more grotesque and ominous than I thought. How do you feel?

Jaeyeon Park, <Poetry>, Epoxy clay on Acrylic and styrofoam, 2019

Create something. Making something is almost the same as the process of writing poetry. First of all, We have to decide/find what to write. For finding something to write, We have to observe everything around or inside us closely and carefully. Finding inspiration is one of the most interesting and also sometimes painful moments. We have to dive into our deep minds to dig out something from chaos. I virtualize that process of finding some inspiration through the top part of the table. Those tough waves-like textures and colors are not only about a mixture of black and white. It’s more about our confusing state of the inner side. It’s about adventure for finding something in fluctuating emotions of our mind.

When we found anything to write for poetry, then we start to write it and assemble words and sentences. Organize it. And make a balance between every separated thing (words, sentences, meanings) into a whole piece In the end.

After finishing poetry, it looks very well organized and stable, but at the same time, it’s very unstable too. Because if we just put out even a single word or sentence, the whole balance will be fall apart immediately. But at the same time, that anxiety of structure also makes it more interesting and attractive. I tried to express that moment through the joint point of the top and bottom parts.