Jaeyeon Park, <Balls>, Log, Scrap wood, Tennis ball, Wax, 2022

Jaeyeon Park’s experimental exhibition <Rat & Bee>
Space Pado, Seoul, South Korea, 2022

“His works start from the objects that have been abandoned, unattended, borrowed, or secondhanded and sold back. Therefore, the process towards the creation is a interminable movement in both directions, willingly subordinated to the distinct elements remaining in the original object and at the same time trying to deconstruct it. Through archiving scattered objects and bizarrely blending incongruity and infelicity, his formative work pauses for a moment in line with the 'date of the exhibition' and the 'moment of exhibition' without an exact moment of completion. He stands the question of authentic form or authentic meaning between the unfinished object, the passage of time,
and the spectator.”

(Text: Yeowool Yoon, translated by Sungeun Won)

Jaeyeon Park, Chen Gao, <Shadows>, mixed media, 2022
Inspired by Akira Kosemura, <Shadow>, 2017

(Collaborated with Chen Gao)

Jaeyeon Park, <Fallen Child>, Found Object, 2022

Jaeyeon Park, <Tennis>,<Ski>, Epoxy Clay, Found Object, 2022

Jaeyeon Park, <Merry Christmas>, Epoxy clay, Found object, 2022