Jaeyeon Park

Jaeyeon Park, <Tennis>, <Ski>
Epoxy clay, Found object, 2022


Push aside meaning and face another existence.

In the form of destruction, I dismantle the metaphysics of existing objects. Then, I gather the fragmented pieces for reconstruction. In the process of reconstruction, I solely consider the formal aspects: the volume of the sculpture, proportions, and composition, and contemplating the arrangement of motion and colors. It’s deconstruction securing reconstruction, yet the possibility of collapsing still remains, ultimately it is never meant to be rebuilt.

The mixture of heterogeneous and unrelated objects makes consistent understanding challenging. It does not converge into a single narrative, and most interpretations deflect. Becoming an impossible piece to decipher as a symbol. What I can do is observe sculpture more closely, stripped of the system of meaning. I aim to recognize the sculpture as an existing, independent entity. Lacking any message or metaphysical purpose makes our perception of art extend. By acknowledging meaninglessness, we step into a different world.

의미를 밀어내고 다른 존재와 마주합니다.

파괴의 형식으로 기존에 존재하는 사물의 형이상학을 해체합니다. 파편화된 것들을 모아 재건합니다. 재구성의 과정에서 오로지 형식적인 것만을 고려합니다. 조형의 볼륨. 비례와 구성. 운동 감과 색의 배치를 생각하며 조각을 만듭니다. 재건을 담보로 하는 해체이나 붕괴의 가능성은 여전하며 끝내는 재건되지 않습니다.

이질적이고 관련 없는 사물들의 배합은 일관된 이해를 어렵게 만듭니다. 한가지의 이야기로 향하지 않습니다. 대부분의 해석들은 빗겨나갑니다. 기호로서의 해독이 불가능한 조각이 됩니다. 의미 체계를 벗어난 조각을 자세히 바라볼 뿐입니다. 실존하는, 독립적인 개체로서의 조각을 인식하고자 합니다. 메시지도 목적도 가지고 있지 않으므로 오히려 예술을 인식하는 우리의 감각은 확장됩니다. 무의미를 받아들이며 다른 세계로 발을 디딥니다.

“His works start from the objects that have been abandoned, unattended, borrowed, or secondhanded and sold back. Therefore, the process towards the creation is a interminable movement in both directions, willingly subordinated to the distinct elements remaining in the original object and at the same time trying to deconstruct it. Through archiving scattered objects and bizarrely blending incongruity and infelicity, his formative work pauses for a moment in line with the 'date of the exhibition' and the 'moment of exhibition' without an exact moment of completion. He stands the question of authentic form or authentic meaning between the unfinished object, the passage of time, and the spectator.”

“그의 작업은 버려진, 방치된, 빌린, 중고가 되어 되팔린 물체로부터 출발한다. 그렇기에 작품으로 향하는 과정은 본래의 물체에 남아있는 고유한 성분에 기꺼이 종속되며 동시에 해체하려는 양방향의 끊임없는 움직임이다. 흩어있는 것들을 모아 부조화와 부적절함을 기이하게 배합하는 그의 조형은 정확한 완결의 순간 없이 ‘전시의 날짜’와 ‘전시하는 순간’에 맞추어 잠시 멈출 뿐이다. 참된 형태 참된 의미에 대한 질문을 그는 미완의 물체와 시간과 움직임과 관람자들 사이에 가만히 세워둔다.”

(Text: Yeowool Yoon, translated by Sungeun Won, 2022)


2022~2024 (Current)
Master of Fine Arts Candidate, Department of Sculpture,
Cranbrook Academy of Art, USA

2021 (May)
Master of Fine Arts, Department of 3D Design,
Cranbrook Academy of Art, USA
2018 (Feb)
Bachelor of Fine Arts,  Industrial Design,
University of Seoul, South Korea

Solo and Two-Person Show

(Solo) Rat & Bee, Space Pado, Seoul, South Korea

(Solo) I had wanted to give a full answer and explain everything, but…, Hwang gum building, Seoul, South Korea

2012 (Apr)
(Two-Person) Puberty, YOZM gallery, Seoul, South Korea

Selected Group Show

다시, 자연에게 보내는 편지, Curation Station Seoul 284, Seoul, South Korea
Mold Making, Forum Gallery, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, USA

Confluence-International Student Exhibition, Forum Gallery, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, USA

This is America, Hello Human x ADITIONS, Alvoca, Milan, Italy

Launchpad, ICFF&Wanted Design Manhattan, New york, USA

Launchpad, ICFF&Wanted Design Manhattan, New york, USA
Cranbrook Chair Show, At Jack Craing studio, Detorit, Michigan, USA
Graduate degree exhibition of Cranbrook Academy of Art,
Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield hills, Michigan, USA

Ideal home, Forum gallery, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, USA
Killing the Chair, 4LOG Art space, Seoul, South Korea
2018 (Sep)
1000 Vases, Espace commines, Paris, France
2018 (2017 Dec~2018 Jan)
Good bye Hello, THE FOLK gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2017 (Nov)
#ffffff Bachelor degree show, Red brick gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2012 (Apr)
Puberty, YOZM gallery, Seoul, South Korea


Killing the Chair, 4LOG Art space, Seoul, South Korea


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2012 (Jun)
“Live a dream”, Co author, Indigo seowon, Busan, Korea


Cranbrook Academy of Art Scholarship, CAA Merit Scholarship


2021 (Sep~)
Assistant Preparator, Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield hills, Michigan, USA

2021 (2020 Mar~2021 Mar)
Department assistant of 3D Design, Cranbrook Academy of Art, 
Bloomfield hills, Michigan, USA
2020 (May~Aug)
Studio assistant, Bahk Seonghi Studio, Ansung, South Korea