Jaeyeon Park, <DEAD END>, Mixed media, 2021

It’s an attitude and struggles towards life. And anguish about how to live.

I think this installation comes from me, but I believe it contains a general sense of life. It’s an effort to live a meaningful life. Those hands(People) are trying to do something(Live a life)

Skis can’t go uphill, but people try to go somewhere that seems impossible. It looks like a futile effort, but those efforts make life valuable. But not all the tryings end up with success. Some things are still struggling or even stuck in some situations, fail to go somewhere that they want, it could give them a severe wound or scar after trying(stick), but we can’t say it’s not worth of it. Even those mistakes, failures are part of life, and all the things are still connecting and supporting each other, and all these things are repeat and repeat. 

In this endless circulation of life, maybe people will feel tired and want to give up. Sometimes it seems like a dead end. It warns you to stop. It could be the other people or a threatening situation. It could be a dead-end, but at the same time, it’s not a dead end. Maybe you can find more hopeful things in life when you get through it.

Jaeyeon Park, <The Kid with a Bike, Epoxy clay>,
Mixed media, 2021

Recently, I have been watching a lot of movies, then as far as I thought, Most of the good movies have a similar question. Can a person change(save) a person, or Can a person change(save) by himself.

One of my favorite movies is “The Kid with a Bike” it’s a french movie, and it’s a story about a boy. Parents divorced and leave him alone, and he eventually became pessimistic and violent, but one woman trying to care, sacrifice, love him. Finally, he realized his wrong behaviors and tried to live the right way.  

I know this is a movie, and it’s a bit hard to change someone in a totally different way. I think that a person saves a person, but it’s not just by one person. Actually, there are a lot of people who care for him in his life, and that small help gathered together and finally changed him in a better way.

Jaeyeon Park, <Despair>, Found objects, Epoxy clay, 2021

This work is about the currnt situation of me. My grad school life seems to end. After graduation, I’ll enter society as an artist. I’ve been dreaming almost my whole life to become an artist. Can I make it? I am still afraid of everything. And sometimes, my future as an artist looks very vague and dark. But I don’t want to give up. It’s about my despair, but at the same time, it’s about my tremendous energy to make it through. It’s about my hope.

Jaeyeon Park, <Facing Abyss>, MFA thesis book, 2021 

Jaeyeon Park, <Sports>, Mixed media, 2021

There is an old retired sportsman on his old couch, He started to think about his glorious past times as a famous sportsman, even though people hardly remember him nowadays and start to forget about him, The memories and energy he had before remain on him. He starts to remember those old days. The mixed feeling started to occur in his mind…

Jaeyeon Park, <Bussiness card> by Minhwan Kim, 2021

Jaeyeon Park, <Duck>, Found objects, Epoxy clay, 2021